The Baby Scale App

Supporting Breastfeeding Moms and Babies

Easy to Use.  Accurate calculations. 

The Baby Scale App was developed by a board certified pediatrician as tool for parents, nurses, lactation specialists, pediatricians and all professionals who manage the healthcare of newborns. The purpose and goal of this app is  to help support and promote exclusive breastfeeding.  


One of the important assessments during the newborn period is to assure that infants are properly receiving adequate nutrition.  Besides a thorough feeding history with the mom and a thorough newborn physical exam, pediatric health care providers weigh babies on a routine basis to monitor significant weight loss.  It is important to not only weigh the baby, but to calculate the "percentage of birth weight" that is lost.  This calculated percentage allows pediatric healthcare professionals to make specific recommendations, such as requesting a "full feeding evaluation by a lactation specialist" or "more frequent newborn evaluations" as an outpatient once the baby is discharged.


The Baby Scale App provides an easy and accurate solution for calculating the baby's weight (nutritional) status.  It is important to use this metric as only one of the many important markers of infant nutrition.


This is how it works:



1. Enter the baby's birth weight either in pounds and ounces or grams.  Then enter the baby's present weight.



2.  Press Calculate



3. The answer appears in a colored box.


If it is < 7% the box appears green.


If it is between 7.1 and 9.9% the box is amber.


If it is > 10%, the box appears red.


Most healthy full term babies lose somewhere between 5 to 7 percent of their birth weight in the first 3 to 5 days of life and in many cases will begin to gain weight around day 5 to 7 of life. Most healthy full term infants will reach their birth weight somewhere between the 2nd to 3rd week of life. During the first two weeks of life, special attention is focused on the baby’s weight. Immediately after birth, the infant is weighed and assessed on a daily basis while in the newborn nursery. After discharge, the pediatric healthcare provider will re-weigh the infant as an outpatient at around the 5th day of life and once again at 2 weeks of age. As a general rule, any loss greater than 10% of birth weight is concerning and requires a full feeding evaluation, as well as consideration for formula supplementation if deemed medically necessary.


The Baby Scale app is a simple app that assists the health care professional in making a fast and accurate calculation of an infant’s day to day weight loss displayed as a percentage of birth weight loss.  



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